Training program Excel for businesses and self-employed individuals.

Start with a training program Excel and learn new skills quickly. Receive the best training , 100% customized to your specific needs and tailored to your work.

Companies that benefited from our training programs:

  • Vlaamse Hockey Liga
  • Logo TUI Belgium (1)
  • Logo Flanders Rugby Academy (1)
  • uz leuven
  • decathlon
  • Hura
  • Multivac

Would you like to learn the basics of Excel? Or do you already have extensive Excel knowledge and are you looking to further expand your expertise? HelloProf organises fully customized training programs in Excel, with the best tutoring for your specific needs. The training is can be scheduled individually, in groups, at home, at the office or online. Furthermore, you can decide whether the training takes place during office hours or in the evening. It is up to you.

All of our Excel trainers are experts in the matter, personally interviewed and evaluated by HelloProf. They will fully adapt the program to your wishes, in order to reach your professional goals as fast as possible. Boost your Excel proficiency significantly and apply it directly to your work.

Start a training program Excel
Training program Excel

Training program Excel with focus on practical application

Start with the basics, or dive in straight away with complex formulas that are directly applicable to your practice. Master various Excel skills through interactive tutoring sessions.

The trainer will give tips focused on your job. How can you win time or work more efficiently? The training will have a direct impact on your work through real-life examples.

Receive a customized proposal
Training program Excel

The content of your training program Excel

HelloProf and their teachers have experience with the common issues businesses and self-employed individuals run into when using Excel. You can find an overview of the common topics that are covered in a training program Excel here:

  • Layout, columns & rows.
  • Creating tables.
  • Cell function.
  • Basic formulas such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.
  • Experiencing the general possibilities and benefits of Excel.

Advanced topics:

  • Advanced formulas such as the IF function.
  • Charts.
  • Pivot tables.
  • Excel as a tool for accounting.

Do you have a different question or request? No problem! Please forward your question or issue to us, and we will assist you in finding the best possible guidance.

Customized training from the best teachers

Get matched with the best available Excel expert for your specific preferences and goals.

Training program Excel

Experienced with adult education

Training program Excel

Personally screened and evaluated by HelloProf

Training program Excel

Helps you boost your Excel skills efficiently

Maximum flexibility

You decide what the training program Excel will look like:

  • Choose the time and location that is most convenient for you.
  • If you opt for an online Excel course, you will have free access to HelloProf's specialized platform for 1-on-1 online lessons with an interactive whiteboard, video chat and screen sharing. Additionally, you can record the lessons and rewatch the training at a later moment.
  • Blended learning is also a possibility.
Start your training program Excel
Training program Excel

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Are you looking for a customized professional course?

Contact us for any questions you may have.

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